About Us

Nick and Jared have been making films separately for years, but only recently did they come together to create a company that promotes businesses and artists looking to mold the world into a better place. Upon doing so, they quickly learned that crafting the message wasn’t enough, regardless of how good it was. With today’s cluttered and complex digital atmosphere, it’s next to impossible to put out a video that gets results on its own. Because of this, the two entrepreneurs shifted the focus of their business to provide the mechanism to drive traffic to his clientele’s videos and get them tangible, profitable results. With the core belief system of helping others spread a positive message, and not providing any service that they don’t know will grow a client's idea exponentially, the guys are committed and obligated to provide the opportunity for clients to experience massive positive change.

Our Team


Nick Pinelli

Producer - Director

Nick Pinelli is the Co-founder of Front Pocket Productions. He's an award winning producer, writer, director and actor and he loves telling stories and telling jokes. If you want to work with Front Pocket Productions, he will probably be the guy on the other end of the line! 


Jared Pierson

Producer - Director of Photography

The man behind the camera! Co-founder, Jared Pierson, has worked in the business for 5 years now with companies like Insperity, Mazda, Exxon, and Bloomberg just to name a few. Not only does he love film, but he loves to teach the principles of it to others as well, always helping everyone on set get that much better, every time!