Our Services


For Small & Large Companies

Your marketing should produce tangible growth, each month. Don’t know how to spread the word about your business? Want branding that pops up all over the place? Let your company tell a story, and let us help you make a name for yourself. 


For the Storytellers

Have something you want to say? Let us help Have a story you want to tell? We can help you tell it. Send us an email with some information about your film and we will help give you clarity on how to make your dream into a reality.


For the Unstoppable Creatives

You want to make some magic, but you don’t know how to produce it? Break through the barriers of doubt and work with us to create some amazing projects. 

Why us?

Obsession for Growth and Expansion

FPP doesn’t believe in doing anything small. We are here to help, and we are driven to do so as much as possible.

20 Years of Experience Combined

Don’t let the charming faces fool you. Nick and Jared have seen the video revolution unfold in front of them and know the techniques.

Top Grade Cinematic Quality

Every story we tell is worthy of being on the big screen, in look and feel. Excellence is our standard.